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Why Couples are Choosing to do a Micro Destination Wedding on a Macro Budget

While we wish we could be done talking about Covid in the context of how it affects our plans, it is still very much prevalent when discussing weddings. The reality is that the 200+ person weddings may be on hold for the time being. Alternatively, couples are opting to take their micro weddings abroad. If you can only have a small group anyways, why not turn it into a group vacation with your nearest & dearest that lasts several days instead of blowing your whole budget on one day? Micro weddings allow you to allocate your budget differently and end up having a truly unforgettable luxury experience.

So, What Exactly is a Micro Wedding?

Generally a "micro-wedding" has a guest count of up to 50. Of course, the smaller the headcount, the more you can spend on each guest. This type of wedding is the perfect intermediate between an elopement and a large wedding. By choosing this option, you minimize the risk of Covid and since you're only inviting the people in your life who are closest to you, the chances of those people being willing to travel for your wedding are much higher!

How to Reallocate Your Macro Wedding Budget

The same budget with a smaller guest list allows you to serve more expensive food options, higher quality alcohol, more/better entertainment and even pay for more activities outside of the wedding itself. My favorite part about a destination wedding (which you'll probably guess if you've read a few of my blogs already) is that you're basically on a big group vacation with all of your loved ones! This is an opportunity that you most likely will never get to have again, so take advantage of it! Shift your thinking from a traditional wedding (think: stressed all week, running around to make sure every detail is perfect, thinking about nothing except the ceremony and reception the week leading up to the wedding) and start thinking about it as a holistic experience. Take some of the money you're saving from lowering your guest count and use it to host a boat party the day before your wedding! Or use it to host a beautiful elegant morning-after brunch party.

You could also go another direction and use the money you're saving to pay for the rooms for some or all of your guests (depending on guest count and price per room) so that the guests who might not be able to come due to cost can be there for your big day!

Another idea is to use the money you're saving on your micro wedding towards your honeymoon. Whether you're choosing to have your honeymoon at the same resort as your wedding or jetting off to a different location entirely, you can use this money to have a higher luxury experience than you would have otherwise. (If you're looking for other ways to increase your budget for your honeymoon, read my blog - "Your Ultimate Guide to Honeymoon and Cash Fund Registries" )

While Covid has changed so many things for the worse, this inspiration to reduce our guest count and allow us to have a more intimate and meaningful experience might end up being a huge positive. If you have any stories about attending or hosting a micro-wedding, I'd love to hear about your experience!

If you love the idea of doing a micro destination wedding on a macro budget, download my guide "5 Dreamy Resorts for your Luxury Destination Wedding that your Guests will Never Forget" below for some wedding venue inspiration.

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