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Your Ultimate Guide to Honeymoon and Cash Fund Registries

You might already know about Honeymoon Fund Registries because you've read about them or seen a friend use one for their wedding. They are a relatively new concept, so if you haven't heard of these yet, let me enlighten you. You can register for a honeymoon fun and let your guests pay for your honeymoon. Now let's think about this... What would you do if you were able to double or even triple your budget for your once in a lifetime trip? Maybe you'd stay somewhere more luxurious and expensive, or perhaps you'd get the extra spa day in, or even add on some memorable experiences such as ziplining through the rainforest or doing a guided tour of a local attraction. Do you have a destination on your bucket list, but the plane tickets are just too expensive and would eat away at too much of your budget? With this fund, you could use the money to open up more options.

This idea is especially attractive in an age where people on average are getting married older. Traditionally, wedding registries came in handy for couples moving from their parents homes into their own home for the very first time. They likely didn't have anything from cutlery and plates to furniture and decor. They needed everything! These days most couples either live together before getting married, in which case they would have most of what they need for their home, or they lived separately in their own homes, in which case they probably have TWO sets of what they need! Generally, couples don't need their guests to buy them water glasses and steak knives anymore... so why not ask guests to instead invest in an experience to remember!


Cash Fund Registries

The Knot Cash Fund

I like this one because you can get cash from your guests to then use anywhere you want. They don't have to choose specific experiences to give to, which means you don't have to think ahead of time about what you will want to do on your trip. Of course it's good to plan ahead and book your excursions, but this option gives you more flexibility. Want to go out to an upscale dinner? Want to book a last minute spa appointment? This fund is perfect for that. Another great aspect to this option is that any money you get can be used however you see fit. Say you have the honeymoon covered, you can use the rest on furniture for your home or even your one year anniversary getaway.


This option might be the most diverse. You can register for cash and charitable donations, and even non-monetary things. This is a great option if you want to give your guests a variety of ways to congratulate you on your nuptials. You might have a guest who isn't able to contribute financially to a gift for you, but is a great cook. They might want to contribute by bringing by a homemade meal on the night you return from your honeymoon so you don't have to worry about grabbing dinner after a long day of traveling. Maybe you need a dog or cat sitter during your trip, add it to the registry! I love this site for its ability to fit the needs of each couple and their unique set of guests.

Honeymoon Fund Registries


Honeyfund is great for a couple that knows exactly what they want. They've already planned their full honeymoon themselves or worked with a travel advisor, and they just want contributions to pay for it all. This site allows you to create a wishlist of items, much like a traditional registry, but instead of physical items they are registering for components of your honeymoon. You can add airfare, hotels, car rentals, activities, meals, etc. and your guests will purchase a gift card towards that item. Honeyfund also allows you to register for cash which is a definite pro, especially if you have guests that are procrastinators and they don't get their gift in time to put money towards a specific activity.

Honeymoon Wishes

Honeymoon Wishes would be considered the ferrari of honeymoon fund registries. It is the most luxurious option, and with that comes a higher processing charge (seven percent fee for gifts which you or your guests can cover). With this added fee, you get a wide range of destinations. Unlike some of the other fund registries, they have exclusive partnerships with hotels and cruise lines, plus live customer service.

Choosing the Wedding Registry That is Right For You

Of course this list doesn't include every cash or honeymoon registry site that you can find online, but much like the other details of planning a wedding, too many options can be overwhelming and unnecessary. I've distilled down my list to the ones that I think give the best flexibility, and overall the most upside. Using your wedding registry to enhance your honeymoon experience is not only a creative use, but also makes your guests feel like they are along for the ride. Feeling the love and support from your friends and family while you're away celebrating the first weeks of your marriage is special no matter how you use the funds.

Now that you have some ideas for how to set up your fund, your mind is probably spinning with all of the possibilities there are for where to take your luxurious honeymoon. Head over to my guide for the "5 dreamy resorts for your Luxury Destination Wedding That You & Your Guests Will Never Forget!" - while this is a list pertaining to destination wedding locations, they also work absolutely perfectly as honeymoon destinations as well. Not to mention, if you are planning a destination wedding, you can use one of the above mentioned registries to help supplement some of the costs of your wedding itself!

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