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These 5 Details Will Make a Lasting Impression: Unique Destination Wedding Ideas

There are many traditions that you will likely incorporate into your wedding that guests will expect to see. These are the moments we see at nearly every wedding we've ever been to, but not the ones we remember. So here is a list of ideas that will truly set your wedding apart from the others of the season and even create lasting impressions that you and your guests will remember for years and years to come.

Use the Dance Floor to Add Some Personality

Something you might not think of when planning the look of your wedding is the idea to dress up your dance floor. When you think of all the fun candid photos you'll end up with from the dance floor, leaving it plain is a big missed opportunity. Here are a few ideas you can consider for your wedding depending on your venue:

  • Utilize the traditional colors and art style from your chosen destination

  • Match the dance floor to your centerpieces

  • Place an acrylic dance floor over the pool - increases space AND gives an amazing look

  • Write a message on the dance floor to your guests

  • Border the dance floor with florals

  • Use lighting to make an outdoor wedding look magical - think: dangling string lights or unique lanterns

  • Project lighting or images onto the dance floor to create a fun effect

  • Place the dance floor in a location that highlights the best view of the venue

Local Inspired Drink Station

Draw inspiration from your destination. Getting married in Italy? Have an Aperol Spritz station! A wedding in Mexico? Duh, what's more fun than a Margarita bar?! And call me crazy, but if I was having a wedding in Ireland, I would have a Bailey's and ice cream station! There are so many fun ways to incorporate your destination into the theme of your wedding and I love thinking of ideas! If you haven any good ones, please let me know! (For more drink station ideas check out this article)

Unique Seating for the Reception

Who else is so bored of traditional tables with assigned seats as the only place to sit and socialize with friends and family? One of my favorite things about a destination wedding is the general chill casual vibe, so let's not ruin that by having a stuffy traditional ceremony! For a beach wedding, I love the idea of using cabanas for guests to lounge and get off their feet between dances!

Local Entertainment

Trade out the classic DJ or band for a local entertainer. This again gives you the opportunity to enjoy the culture of your chosen destination. You'll also be setting your reception apart from the others of the season who are all playing similar music. I always think the music sets the whole vibe for the reception so when your entertainment is unique and memorable, so is your wedding! For ideas and recommendations you can talk to your planner or the on-site coordinator at your venue!

Custom Floral Arrangements for the Aisle or Wedding Arch

Some of your most tear-inducing photos will be of your walk down the aisle, your vows, and your first kiss. Dress up your aisle and wedding arch with beautiful florals to create a gorgeous backdrop for these photos. Do you love a pop of color or more of a minimal look? I love using Pinterest to explore ideas and get inspiration. If creativity isn't your strong suit, again lean on your planner and on-site coordinators to come up with something that fits your theme and feels authentic to you!

Your wedding day will be special, because it's yours! These are just a few simple ideas that will help elevate your celebration and leave you and your guests with beautiful memories of the experience.

If you are beginning to consider the possibilities of a destination wedding but aren't sure if it's the right option for you and your future spouse, read my blog post - "Is a Destination Wedding Right for You?"

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